About us

Pure Commerce was started by Filipe Nicolau. Filipe has been working in the e-comm space for over 10 years, not building e-commerce solutions, but rather building and running actual e-commerce businesses around the world.
It was during this time, and after dealing with many, many tech companies that he realized the need for a pure ``business solutions`` company to help other business owners navigate their way around the complicated e-commerce space and flurry of developers and web designers that have no idea about running a business but promise the world but usually fail to deliver.
Technology can be very confusing, but over the years we have managed to use technology as an enabler to help improve and streamline business processes, so that ultimately our customers can spend more time actually running their business and less time doing menial tasks that take up all their important time.

Keeping our customers in focus.

We are a business solutions and custom E-Commerce development company providing comprehensive and sustainable solution offerings to our clients.

As a customer driven company we focus on those elements that allow us to reduce the expense and increase the value of information technology while building lasting relationships with customers.

Our culture reflects a customer orientation that communicates the common ground between us and our customers, to provide real value, not just technology, in mutually beneficial relationships.