Juventus FC – Durban

Juventus FC – Durban

Juventus FC is a Football club in Durban North, South Africa. They are affiliated with the international Italian club Juventus.

Proper football development requires that children play age appropriate activities so they are able to experience, comprehend, and execute the game as it relates to where they are at their own stage of physical and mental development.

It is about playing in different positions so the player learns all the skills necessary to develop in the game.

It’s about receiving equal playing time, so the players are all given equal opportunity to learn.

It’s about learning the techniques of the game through a variety of fun games where players have as much contact with a ball as possible and learn at their own rates.

Juventus FC Required the following:

  • An info based fully responsive Website – Built on WordPress
  • The ability to download Club forms

Check them out at www.juventusfc.co.za