What We Do.

We at Pure Commerce specialize in the building and setup of the entire E-Commerce ecosystem. We create systems and processes to best suit YOUR business, focusing on everything from the design & development of the website, setup and integration of ERP systems, operations, logistics and warehouse setup.

We also offer custom web and mobile development that works with your business systems and processes, creating an end to end IT and business solution for our customers.

What makes us unique?

We are not developers trying to push a specific platform or service on your business.
We are business people that have successfully designed, developed and run multiple successful E-Commerce businesses in various countries. We have setup ERP systems, built pick & pack warehouses and run operations and logistics around the world.
We understand that the Philosophy “Build it and they will come” does not necessarily automatically apply to the E-Commerce field… It also takes hard work, a specific skill set and a team of dedicated experts… All standard with Pure Commerce.

Get started today. 

If you are ready for support or just have a question give us a shout to start the process.

Our Workflow.

After many years of running actual E-Commerce businesses, we slowly refined our processes and created a proven method for running a successful E-Commerce business. It’s a detailed, sales-focused approach to driving a sustainable, digital business.

Planning and Technical Selection

In order to define your business and technology needs for the site we embark on a full in-depth understanding on how your business currently runs and what the future requirements are. B2C and B2B organizations are complex as a result of customers, ordering processes, product mix and internal systems.

Once we have gained a thorough understanding of the business and requirements, a technical selection of recommended systems will be put forward. Our systems are heavily customized to each specific customers needs.

User Experience and Design

When designing the User Experience for your site, we believe that this should be a data driven exercise, drawing on what your business objectives are and what you already know about your customers.

We do a competitive analysis and apply best practices when mapping out the customer journey to create a customer centric UX and Design.

Strong technology and tight ERP integration is important, however, it must work hand in hand with a clean and intuitive UX and Design.


Once the Roadmap, technical selection, UX & Design have been defined, then starts the implementation phase where we dedicate specific resources to project manage and build out the entire project.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we may require system specific specialists to integrate their systems to ensure the business flow all works correctly.

This is usually the most intensive and time consuming part of the build.

Testing and Launch

Before your site goes live to the public we ensure every aspect of the back end systems have been thoroughly tested. We test all systems, from ERP, Accounting website and all integrations between the various systems. The aim is to reveal usability issues and opportunities to provide clearer pathways, better design or clarifying information.

Now that you finally have the site implemented, the next phase is to get customers adopting (using) the site. As they say, this is not: “if you build it, they will come.” For this phase, you will need to give people the information and reason to be excited to visit your site. This includes:

Internal training

External communications and promotions

PR and marketing

Customer service (e.g. email, phone and live chat).

Start SEO to drive organic search traffic to your site

Ongoing site optimization & Driving new business

The benefit of a digital business is you can see in real time how your business is performing and why. Looking at your business plan, how is your site lining up with expectation? Drawing from customer usage and analytics, where can the site be improved?
We take all the analytics into account and constantly improve the performance of your business.

Having implemented, launched and optimized your site, the next phase is to start focusing on driving new traffic to your website. We start with a plan: define your target audiences, budget and ROI. From there, create audience-specific content (webinars, landing pages, email and ad campaigns). Then develop creative ad campaigns (PPC, media and social media). Finally, launch, manage and monitor your ad campaign.

Shopify Plus Partner South Africa

Our Clients.

Experts in E-Commerce. 

We offer E-commerce solutions to suit each and every client – from Shopify to Woo Commerce and have partnered with some of the worlds top E-commerce companies such as Bold Commerce.